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  • AGP Stability Trick
    August 8th, 2000

    Having trouble getting full stability with your AGP bus overclocked? Well here's a trick that just might help you out. The only real requirement is that you have an AGP card with a fan plugged into the AGP card itself. Like mine below:

    The card above is a GeForce 2 GTS card based on Nvidia's Reference Design, so any GTS card based on Nvidia's Reference Design will have the plug in the same spot.

    The trick is to use power from the motherboard (or PSU) instead of from the card. The reason is two-fold, to allow the card to use all the power from the AGP slot (as the power coming from the AGP slot is limited) and by removing a dc motor (the fan motor) from the same electric line as the card. You see a DC motor introduces 'ripples' to the line, the same line which is used by the card, by removing the DC motor from the line you improve the quality of the current used by the card, hence also improving stability of the card.

    Where Do I Plug In?

    Most motherboards since the LX chipset (precursor to the BX chipset used today) have power headers on the motherboard to allow you to plug in CPU fans or AGP card fans to the motherboard. Here is an DFI motherboard which employs the LX chipset, there is an AGP power header right where I need it:

    As you can see it is right at the front of the AGP slot, the cool thing about this is that I won't have to cut and splice the AGP card fan wire to make it longer to reach the AGP power header. If you don't have such a convenient placement of your available power header you can simply make your wire longer by cutting & splicing.

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