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  • GeForce 2 GTS Overclocking
    August 24th, 2000
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    GTS overclocking is all about the memory. The bottleneck of all GTS cards is the memory. This is not only due to the 1.6 mtexels/s that the core can pump out but also that the same pipe must be used by the Hardware & Lighting calculations.

    For this article I will be focusing primarily on overclocking the memory, which is default at 166mhz (333DDR). My goal is to hit 200mhz (400mhz DDR), but I'll take higher of course ;). Only 33mhz I know, not that high, but when you're talking DDR, that turns into 66mhz more, which is a 20% improvement.

    System Specs

    There wouldn't be that much of a point overclocking a GTS unless you've got some serious muscle to keep it fed with data.

    System Settings
    Processor Athlon 650 @ 800 default voltage, modified VOS-32 (this puppy will actually do 850 @ 1.75v, but I have to drop the multiplier to 2/5, and I don't want to turn this into an Athlon L2 cache debacle)
    Motherboard Gigabyte 7IX AMD 750 chipset (yeah I know, kinda old, but she works!)
    RAM 128meg PC-133 ram (nice stuff)
    Video Card Creative Labs GeForce2 GTS 200 core / 333 mem stock, 32meg (using Nvidia's latest Reference Drivers)
    Hard Drive(s) Quantum Atlas 10k
    CD-ROM 40x SCSI
    Sound Card Diamond MX300
    Case LiteON FS020 modified (of course) 4 120mm fans, one blowing right onto the card

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    Discuss this article Open a printer-friendly version of this article
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    Article Navigation
    Article Navigation
    1. Introduction/System Specs
    2. Stock Overclocking
    3. Stock HSF Removal
    4. Preparing The Core
    5. Preparing The New Heatsink
    6. Final Results
    Article Info
    Author: Sergio Santos
    Company: Nvidia
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