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  • How To Create A Customized System Properties Screen
    March 21st, 2001
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    We know you love to tweak everything you can get your hands on, right? Well it's the little stuff that counts, even if it means nothing to anybody else, you see the difference or feel the difference and it just makes you smile. This goes for everything from doing stuff to your car to doing stuff to your computer.

    So today I am posting the first in a series of little tweaks you can do to your computer. What we will be doing is learning how to customize the system properties window under the general tab. Normally it would look something like this:

    Note: If you have a Windows tweak you'd like to share with us, that we may use in a future article, let us know here.

    But we want to customize this with some more of our own information as well as a logo to brand your system and impress your friends. Most of us have seen how many of the manufacturers like HP and Alienware place their logos in here. So lets do this ourselves.

    First off let me tell you that there is a different step to do this for Win9x and WinNT/2000. The only difference is that for Win9x you will be saving your files in the C:\Windows\System directory, while in Windows NT and 2000 you will be saving your files in the C:\WinNT\System32 directory. We'll recap this in the guide in case you forget.

    Step #1

    Open up notepad by going to start>programs>accessories>notepad:

    In Win9x open up C:\Windows\System\OEMINFO.INI, or if you're using WinNT/2000 open up C:\WinNT\System32\OEMINFO.INI. Make sure to set the "Files Of Type" drop down list from text files to All Files.

    Click image for a bigger shot

    If you do not have the OEMINFO.INI file, simply follow these steps:

    Open up notepad, put all your information in (All information that goes in this file is listed below), and then go to file>save as. Go to the either C:\Windows\System (for win9x) or C:\WinNT\System32 (For WinNT/2000) directory, change the drop down list that says Save As Type from Text Documents to All Files (*.*) and name the file name OEMINFO.INI

    All it should say is (Considering you haven't touched it before, or your manufacturer didn't touch it):

    [Support Information]

    You'll want to customize it. We changed it to this:

    Model=SL AMD 800

    [Support Information]
    Line2=" Test Machine"
    Line5="999 Test Lane"
    Line6="Test, NJ 12345"

    Then just save the file, and that's that for editing the information.

    Next step is adding a logo to the window. You will have to use an image editing program, I used Adobe Photoshop. You will need to make the background transparent or use these RGB (Red : Green : Blue) values: R: 255 G: 255 B: 255 to get the same color background as the window. If you don't want the same color background, feel free to use whatever you want. When you're done creating your masterpiece save it as OEMLOGO.BMP in the C:\Windows\System directory if you're in Win9x or in the C:\WinNT\System32 directory if you're in Win NT or Windows 2000.

    That's it! Here's how ours turned out:

    To see yours, go to your desktop, right click on My Computer, and hit the properties option.

    That's it! Simple little tweak, yet cool effect for all of tweakers.

    If you have trouble or you want to let us know about other Windows tweaks, please post your comments, questions, and suggestions here.

    Thanks to MaximumPC Magazine for the article idea and reference.

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