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  • How To Build Your Own Rig Part 4
    September 1999
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    What's In Part 3?

    In Part 2, I showed you how to install the video card, I showed you a checklist of things to check before the initial "test" bootup, and I showed you how to do the "test" bootup as well as what to expect. In Part 3, I will show you how to setup the BIOS, show you how to create a boot disk, show you how to partition & format the hard drive, show you how to install the CD-ROM driver, and how to install Win95/98.

    Legal Notice

    As before, I have to mention this again. Please understand that this is to be done at your own risk and that I am not responsible for anything that may, or could happen to your machine. This is just to show people how to build their own computer who are willing to accept the risks and understand the consequences, if any, that go along with building their own.

    Setting Up The BIOS

    In this section, I will just show you the basic selections that will need to be made, later on in Part 4, I will show you the more advanced tweaking methods of the BIOS as well as other different areas to tweak. First off, when you bootup your computer, it will show at the bottom left corner of your screen what key to press to get into the BIOS, and most usually it will be the DEL key. Once you have entered the BIOS, first, set the time by going into the Standard Settings area. You will be able to tell what the format for the date and time will be when you enter the Standard Settings area.

    The next, and most important thing you will need to do is to Auto-Detect the hard drive. Most current BIOS' of today give you the option to Auto-Detect the hard drive. Leave the option called LBA alone, as that is the one that it should be on for Auto-Detection of the hard drive. If it does not recognize the hard drive, check all cables to make sure there plugged in firmly.

    Next thing will be to select your floppy drive. Just choose which type, 720KB, 1.44MB, etc. After that set the Video mode to VGA.

    Finally, for the Halt On option, set it to All Errors so it will show any errors that may come up for whatever reason.

    Creating A Boot Disk

    This is a very important step in getting the right things to work properly. If you can get to someone else's computer to do this, it will be your only option. First off, on this disk, you should have the following files:



    Autoexec.bat (create this as a blank file)

    Config.sys (create this as a blank file)

    These files, with the exception of Mscdex.exe (for now), will be the key to being able to get you to a point where you'll be able to install Win95/Win98.

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    Author: Tommy Thomas
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