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    AGW #31: The Last Rant
    Author: JonnyGURU
    Date Posted: April 3rd, 2002
    Pages: 1 2 3
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    I would like to announce that there will be no more rants.

    Some have compared what I had written to Bastard Operator From Hell. I'm flattered, but either these people making this sort of comparison have not really read BOFH or they really haven't read my rants.

    Scary as it may sound, the people in my rants are very real. It's hard to believe, but the situations in my rants are real. And just as in real life, I never called anyone a name or expressed that I ever "hated" someone for simply being ignorant or stubborn. There's enough hate in this world, I don't want to add to it. As long as I am under the impression that people understand my rants as an expression of hatred towards people, then I'm going to cease going in that direction.

    Sure it bothers me when people feel that they have nothing better to do then to argue with me about something they know little about. I wouldn't be human if this didn't at least bother me. But what good is going to do to "hate" that person. It doesn't even help me to hate what they do or how they act.

    If you get mad at getting stuck at a red stoplight, does it turn green any faster?

    If you were to get stuck behind an old lady doing 20 MPH with her turn signal on, does getting mad make her go any faster? Of course not.

    I certainly have my share of dealing with people that are angry. I deal with people who are upset because their computer parts don't work and I'm the first person that they're going to call meaning I'm likely going to be the first person that they are going to direct the anger of not having a working PC at.

    Often, these people are so upset that reason completely flies out the window.

    Not long ago, I had a customer that had accidentally received a motherboard that another customer had returned to my work. This was not a good thing.

    I don't know how this might have happened, but it's regrettable. Perhaps a customer returned a motherboard saying that he simply "didn't need it" but in fact had used it to some extent and then returned it and the person at work that had received the motherboard back did not inspect it very well before accepting the return.

    It really doesn't even matter how it happened, because any attempt to explain it would be a "dog ate my homework" type of lame excuse.

    Needless to say, this customer was a bit upset. He claimed that the motherboard was not only used, but it didn't work either. In reality, whether or not the board worked was a moot point. He should've never gotten a used board. Arrangements were made to get him out another board.

    Things spiraled out of control when the customer called back claiming that the new board that was sent to him did not work either. He had assumed that because this is the second board that he had received that did not work (no telling at this point if the first one worked or not), that it too must be "used".

    When it was explained to him that the board was probably not dead and that he was simply doing something wrong preventing the board from functioning. Of course, to the ears of an already disgruntled customer, the implication that he was doing anything wrong sounded like we were accusing him of sabotaging his own board.

    What sense does that make?

    If you were to put down the Jack Daniels, crack pipe or whatever your vice is that prevents you from thinking clearly and look at the situation for a minute, why would you sabotage your own motherboard? No reason, right? Ok then, why would someone else accuse you of sabotaging your own motherboard? What would there be to gain from doing so?

    Of course there was no point in arguing the matter. The damage was done and this guy was not listening to reason.

    This lacking of simple, logical thought process is the same reaction I get when I send a component that I had tested as good (like 60% of the stuff I get back) back to a customer that had sent it to me in the first place because he or she could not get said part to work.

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