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    Soldier Of Fortune II: Double Helix Interview
    Author: Aaron Dahlen
    Date Posted: March 15th, 2002
    Pages: 1 2 3 4
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    Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix is currently scheduled for an early May release by Activision. This means that the development team is spending their final days getting the last kinks worked out of the game. We spoke with Project Lead Jon Zuk, who was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule. Keep checking back here at SLCentral where we will have continuing coverage on one of the most anticipated first-person shooters of the year.

    When the original Soldier of Fortune was brought to gamers, they were blown away by the intense action and realism. Fortunately, Soldier of Fortune II is expected to set entirely new standards for action and realism, making you forget what you thought a couple of years ago.

    With the second rendition, Raven Software is building the game around the Quake III Arena engine that they also used for the development of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. Because of this, and a much more advanced AI and sound, Soldier of Fortune II will technically take leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor. Beyond this, they are implementing their new GHOUL 2 rendering technology, ARIOCHE terrain system, LICH AI system, and brand new character models. A random mission generator and the newly announced multiplayer will help extend the gameplay.

    Both games in the series have been based on the experiences of former Special Forces officer, John Mullins, who bears a striking resemblance to the in-game character, John Mullins. That's not a coincidence. And if the action gets a little too thick for your tastes, controls ship with the title to tone down the violence.

    Your new partner in the game will be known as Madeline Taylor as you battle against terrorism. Locations to which you will travel during the course of your missions include Prague, Colombia, Hong Kong, and Kamchatka. Continue on to see what Jon had to say about the beauty of Soldier of Fortune II. We think that you'll find what he had to say quite interesting.

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