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    Space Empires IV Gold
    Author: Drew Lanclos
    Date Posted: April 9th, 2002
    SLRating: SLRating: 9.5/10
    Bottom Line: Graphics schmaficks...This little gem has gameplay, pure and simple. Addictive and excellently-balanced depth, Aaron Hall and Malfador Machinations have a winner on their hands.

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    The Space Empires series has a long history, as would be implied by the title "Space Empires IV". Having its origins in the DOS shareware heyday, the original Space Empires was an experiment conducted by budding programmer Aaron Hall in 1993. After having seen many different elements of games he liked, he decided to build upon them into a creation all his own. Space Empires, as he called it, had a significant amount of roots in a longtime classic strategy game known simply as Empire (Freeware courtesy of The Underdogs). Empire was a clever amalgamation of text-based interactive fiction titles and strategy board games of its day. It had such a following that the original author licensed it eight years later to a new author who gave it a wonderful graphics overhaul, proving that even eight years later, the gameplay was still king. The result can be seen here.

    Space Empires IV shares a similar history to Empire. Each of its predecessors have kept the core gameplay essentially the same while developing and furthering it with each iteration. The most recent presentation, Space Empires IV, was completed and published in July of 2000. Space Empires IV Gold isn't just a repackaged edition of Space Empires IV, though, receiving a swath of upgrades and updates to culminate in its own eight-year revival.

    All The Beacons of the World Light Up In Celebration! Go the the next page
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    1. Introduction
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    3. Sophenis System on 5000 Organics a Day
    4. The Bittersweet Taste of Eye Candy/Cities On Fire
    5. Going Beyond the Campaign
    6. Pros & Cons/Conclusion
    7. Rating Breakdown

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