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    SonyEricsson T68m
    Author: David Pitlyuk
    Date Posted: August 21st, 2002
    SLRating: SLRating: 9.5/10
    Bottom Line: It's small, it looks awesome, its got tons of features, and that's why we gave it our editor's choice award.

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    The interface is very intuitive and because of the joystick and it's very easy to navigate. I'll be going through a brief explanation of the main menu's and the various features within.

    The picture above is a shot of the main screen. As you can see, I changed the background to my own picture (the SLCentral logo). Aside from that, you have all your standard things here. You also have the ability to have a screensaver which not only saves batter time, but it's a cool feature. You can make the screensaver whatever you want, but default is basically a big digital clock, you'll never need a watch again.

    When you push down on the joystick you enter the main navigation menu with all of your settings:

    I'll just be going through each icon from left to right. First up is the phone book.

    In the phone book you can do all your normal phone book stuff, add contacts, edit contacts, etc. You also have a business card feature which you can send your information to another cell phone or a PDA. You can setup different groups and have different rings for each person or group. You can store 510 contacts on the phone, plus you should be able to hold 125 more contacts on your SIM card.

    Next up is the messages menu. In here you can do SMS messaging (the next generation T68, T68i, has MMS), check your pop3 e-mail, and check voice mail.

    Next is the calls menu. This is where you can check all your missed calls, all the calls you made, etc. It also have counters and timers so you can see how many minutes you've used the phone, how much data you've sent/received through WAP, how many SMS messages you've sent, etc.

    Next is the fun & games menu. This is probably the coolest menu. You can set themes, add backgrounds, play games, make melodies (not polyphonic), and make/edit pictures. My phone came with 8 games, Erix and Naval Fleet (basically battleship) being favorite. The others are Arimona, Contrary, Four Piles, North Territory, Q, and Yukon Struggle. If you like snakes, there's a little cheat to get that on as well. When you start Erix and the title shows up on the screen, simply press 7,8,9 and snakes will come up.

    Next on the menu is settings. Here you can do all your normal setting changes. Like the Nokia phones, the T68 has the profile settings which I really like. You can setup different profiles that do things like different sounds, and different phone settings. You can setup call forwarding, call blocking, various display settings (contrast, text size, user greeting, etc), time and date, language (French, English, and Spanish), and voice control. Voice control is really powerful on this phone, and there are many options that you can play around with. I had a little bit of trouble with accuracy in different environments, but with a little bit of work, I got it working nicely.

    Next is WAP services, this is where you can browse the web. Graphics show up in color, that was pretty cool.

    Next is the organizer. Here you have a calendar, voice memo's, alarms, timer, stopwatch, and a calculator. In the calendar, you can set reminders, tasks, view by day/week/month, and even send it out via Ir or Bluetooth. With SonyEricsson's software, you can even sync it with Outlook.

    Next is the connect menu. These are all the settings for connecting to other devices.

    The last icon is the my shortcuts menu. This is a pretty cool feature. If you have certain things that you constantly change in the menu, you can add it here and just get right to it.

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