Reviewed by: Alan Wong

Manufactured and Provided by: CoolerMaster



With the high clock speeds of CPUs these days, some users wouldnít know what kind of Heat Sink CPU Fan to turn to. Without hesitation, some users go with the convenient choice of buying an AMD Boxed Processor and eliminates the choice of choosing between the many varieties of CPU Heatsink Fans. Is the Stock AMD Heatsink really that good? Today, we have the CoolerMaster Aero7 Lite (CP5-8J71F) to see how well it can do against the AMD Stock. With an inexpensive price tag, will the Aero7 Lite live up to the standards of cooling todayís high CPU speeds?

CoolerMaster Aero7 Lite (CP5-8J71F) Overview

aero 7 box


Socket Type

Socket A, 370, 462

Heat Sink Dimension

60 x 80 x 45 mm

Heat Sink Material

Aluminum with Copper Cylinder Insertion

Fan Dimension

80 x 80 x 70 mm

Fan Speed

1900~3500 rpm

Fan Airflow

10.9~20.9 CFM

Fan Air Pressure

2.9~10.7mm H2O

Bearing Type

Dual ball bearing

The CoolerMaster Aero7 Lite is not your average day HSF. Its design is exclusive to CoolerMaster. The fan is at a 90 degree angle. When cooling, the fan sucks air in, redirects the air 90 degrees going down, and channels it down on the heatsink. This design helps to direct air directly at the core of the CPU. Usually, fans that are mounted directly atop of the heatsink and have a sort of "blind spot." It is only able to blow at the sides of the heatsink. That is no longer a problem with the Aero7 Lite, due to its unique design.



Included was a knob to control the fan speed. For the holster knob, users have the choice of either mounting it on a 3.5" holster that goes in front of your case or holster it on the back of your PC with an expansion slot plate. Unfortunately, the CoolerMaster 3.5" holsterís side was too short and therefore no screws were able to screw the 3.5" holster onto the case. Therefore the only option was to use the expansion slot plate to control the fan speed.

Included was a knob to control the fan speed

A copper cylinder was inserted on the bottom of the heatsink. The reason for this is because cooper is the best alloy to absorb heat. The fins and the rest of the heatsink consists of aluminum, which is the 2nd best alloy to absorb heat. The thermal compound is pre-applied (which is extremely convienant) and so all you need to do is clip the heatsink onto your AMD CPU and youíre practically done.

base view


Installing was easy compared to other heatsink fans that I have installed in the past. The retention clip consists of 3 holes, which is a great plus because it makes it easy to install the retention clips with your hands, instead of using a screw driver to push the clip down The 3 holes also insure that the Heatsink is attached strongly to the motherboard and that it will not fall off. (The AMD Stock only has one clip and therefore users must use a screwdriver to install it).

The Aero7 has 3 holes in its clip      While the AMD clip only has one

which makes it easy to install with hand hole to clip to the socket (which also requires a screwdriver)

All that was needed to do was to clip the retention clip on the left side of the socket, then push down and inward the retention clip to clip on. Pushing the retention clip down and inward to fully install the Aero7 Lite requires some strength and possible some patience if this is your first time installing a retention clip like this. After that, all I needed to do was to plug in the 4-pin power cable to one of the perepherial cables of my power supply, mount the fan speed knob onto my expansion slot, and plug in the 3-pin connector to my motherboard (to monitor RPM and temperature).

Test Setup:

Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2800+ (Barton Core)

Cooling: CoolerMaster Aero7 Lite CPU Fan and AMD Stock

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro Motherboard

Sound: nForce2 Integrate 5.1 Sound

Graphics Card: PNY GeForceFX 5200 8x

RAM: Patriot 512 MB PC3200 DDR400

Hard Drive: Western Digital 200GB Hard Drive w/ 8mb Buffer (Model WD2000JB)

Optical Drive: Memorex Dual Format DVD Recorder

Case: PCMCIS 2008G ATX Case (300W)

Software Monitoring: Gigabyte EasyTune4 Software (to monitor HSF RPM and Temperature)


Prime95 (for Full Load testing)

*Note: When testing, environment was in a closed case. My Power Supply did not have a circulating fan at the bottom to draw heat away from the CPU. Your results will most likely vary better if your case has a circulating fan at the bottom of your Power Supply and/or vary better depending on the number of case fans installed.


*Note: When testing, environment was in a closed case. My Power Supply did not have a circulating fan at the bottom to draw heat away from the CPU. Your results will most likely vary better if your case has a circulating fan at the bottom of your Power Supply and/or vary better depending on the number of case fans installed.



test results


At full speed (3500 RPM), the Aero7 Lite did make sort of a ruckus. It sounded like a blow dryer on its lowest setting. Although it is not an annoying high pitched sound, the higher volume of noise is still audible.

At medium speed (2450 RPM), the Aero7 Lite noise level matches that of the AMD Stock (@ 5000RPM). It is quiet and almost not audible. This proves that higher RPM speed does not always mean better performance. When using the Boxed AMD CPU Fan under full load, it reached a whooping 72oC (for those who donít know, this is EXTREMELY HOT). The Aero7 Lite was able to keep it under control at 62oC. Even at full load, the Aero7 Lite (Medium Setting) can cool better the AMD Boxed Fan at idle. Quite Amazing.


Judging from the results acquired from benchmarking, the CoolerMaster Aero7 Lite performed excellently. For only $13, this Heatsink cools exceptionally, maybe even compared to more expensive brands. The Aero7 Lite performed so well that even during Full Load (at 2450RPM), it was able able to cool better than the AMD Stock while idling! The speed knob allows for customizing the speed to your own preference. Whether you like maximum cooling or just want a quiet fan that cools exceptionally, the Aero 7 Lite is a great choice for .

close up view



With a rating of 9.5/10, it is my pleasure to give the CoolerMaster Aero 7 Lite SLCentral.comís Editor Choice.

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