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    Improve Thy Mousing - Ratpadz GS Review
    Author: Renz
    Date Posted: March 22, 2003
    SLRating: SLRating: 9.5/10
    Bottom Line: The Ratpatz Mouse Mat can help to save you when accurate mousing is required, coupled with mouse skates and a bungee it could mean the difference between life and death during gaming, is it worth taking the time to enhance your game play, read on to find out.

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    After overusing the original Ratpadz for almost a year, the poor thing started to show signs of age. As we all know wear on a mouse pad results in missed shots, and missed shots often results in death, a bad thing when playing games like UT2003, Battlefield and Medal of Honor.

    So off I went to look under the couch for some loose change to order a new mouse pad. Since these things are relatively cheap ($10 average + shipping) and my previous experience with the original Ratpadz was excellent I decided to go with the Ratpadz GS.

    Ratpadz GS in all its glory

    Within 3 days I was back online with a vengeance, making up for some of the earlier massacre that had me on the short end of the stick. OK, so I was still getting my ass kicked, but the mouse moved with much less resistance. These pads when combined with an MX500 create the ultimate control device, smooth, fluent, fast and precise. My biggest gripe with the original Ratpadz was its thickness - it was just a little too thick for me. The Ratpadz GS however is thinner and thus removes this gripe. Also the bevel around the Ratpadz GS is shorter and is made out of a smooth curve unlike the Ratpadz which had a somewhat long incline around it. Holding the Ratpadz GS to the table are some small rubber feet, which even though small, produce great fiction almost eliminating any motion if the pad is pushed.

    Old compared to new Height Difference Different Bevel
    Skates & Bungee Go the the next page
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    1. Introduction/Specs
    2. Skates & Bungees
    3. Conclusions

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