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    SLCentralHardwareReviewsCases May 18th, 2021 - 7:07 PM EST
    Colorcase Yuri Case
    Author: Chris Oh
    Date Posted: February 2000
    Rating: 9/10 SystemLogistics


    Having the greatest parts in a computer doesn’t mean you have the best computer, it simply means that it will perform the best. The new age of computer design dawns on us with the introduction of the Dell WebPC, eMachines, eOne, the Intel pyramid computer, and many other space aged designs for computers. As we are hit by the creativity of the computer industry and our desires to have one of those machines on our desktop, we realize that all of these computers are prebuilt by companies that otherwise make big bland computers. Most people that will read this review will by using their own machines, one that they have built, and one that doesn’t look like a WebPC or an iMac. So what options do we homebuilt computer owners have? Well, 1) we want a colorful computer that stands out from the rest and 2) we want to use our own parts and 3) we don’t want proprietary hardware and software inside. That leaves us with the option of purchasing a case for your parts that has flare and eye-catching designs that big corporations have.

    The case in a computer is often overlooked and under appreciated. The case is what holds all your components together and a case is a prime factor in keeping those components cool. Of course you don’t need a case, no one needs a case but who would want a computer without a case? Sprawling out the parts of a computer on the top of your desk is neither appealing nor efficient. Many computer owners take for granted all of the features that a case has the makes the computing experience better. Basically, there are two types of cases… generic and cool cases. Generic cases can be found at almost any computer store, including some large chains such as CompUSA and some mom and pop shops like “Dan’s Parts”. Generic cases are often built without the care and precision, not to mention quality materials, of a good case. They are made with flimsy parts that break often, they are heavy, and usually, there is no tech support for it. Good cases on the other hand, have a good brand name such as Antec or Enlight, are made from aluminum and high grade plastic, has great circulation and it’s construction allows it to dissipate heat more efficiently than other cases. There are many reasons to choose the good cases over generic ones. Just to name a few, some cases keep the temperature generated from the parts of a computer lower than others, making it a cooler case (pun intended). Also, good cases are not as loud as cheap ones; they usually retain a lot of the noise from fans and hard drives.

    As you might have noticed, SystemLogic has just finished a very large case review and it went into detail the good and bad of cases and there is no need for me to restate what was already said in the past review so I will just let you move right onto my review and for those of you aching to know more about cases, you should check out LiteOn FS020 Case review at

    As most of you might have already guessed by the title and introduction of this review that it will talk about the Yuri from Colorcase, a company that can be expected by the name, to sell cases designed to put some color and life into the PC case industry. Although the idea is great, the market that Colorcase hopes to appeal to is a niche market and it is risky to be selling to such a small crowd of computer enthusiasts who make their own computers and wish for colored cases. But as we seen in the past, a small market can become incredibly big and powerful. The cases that Colorcase produces are very well designed and there is a huge selection to choose from on their website at

    As you look through the products that Colorcase offers, you can see that there is a similarity in construction in all of the cases but the designs are distinctly different. It is a good idea to keep the basic case construction and apply different “personalities” to the case to make it different, saving on costs of designing and construction. The “Yuri” case in particular is the one we received to review and it has all of the bells and whistles you can expect from most high-end cases. The first thing to note about the Yuri is that it is translucent, just like computers from Apple and eMachines but it beats them in overall design and quality of construction. The translucent plastic is high grade is hard to break, it’s also worth mentioning that unlike other cases, this one feels very solid, not creaking or bending in any place. Colorcase stresses that this case is made of aluminum for very good reason. Basically, the entire case is made of aluminum and surrounded with the plastic on the outside, making this a very light case. Aluminum is significantly lighter than other metals such as iron or steel while retaining strength and sturdiness. Also, another reason that this case is made of aluminum is because of shipping costs. If anyone has ever seen a priority mail bill for shipping a case across the U.S., they’d think it’s outrageous. The high costs of shipping cases, especially in quantity is because of their massive weight; making the entire case out of a light metal is a good idea for reducing shipping costs. The benefits of a lighter case was apparent when I first picked up the package, it was lighter than any case I lifted before and it was easy for me to carry it up 2 flights of stairs (now carrying the case, fully filled to a LAN party is a different story). The Yuri weighs in at just 6 pounds (2.6 kg) without a power supply. Looking at the case, it seems bigger than other cases and that is partly true, the added plastic makes it look thicker and the design on the front of the case gave me the illusion of the case being wider on the bottom than it is on the top.

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    Product Info
    Name: Yuri
    Company: Colorcase
    Release Date: N/A
    Price: Click To Find Lowest
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