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    The Card Cooler VOS32 & FLK32 Athlon Cooler Reviews
    May 2000

    Now, as some of you may know, I have successfully overclocked my Athlon 650 to 800mhz. I have done this with the standard heatsink. Even though everything has been stable @ 800mhz the temps have still been quite high. The Card Cooler was kind enough to send SystemLogic 2 HSFs (HeatSinkFans). The VOS32, which is quite widely known and the FLK32.

    These HSF's were used on my Athlon, it is important to note that my Athy still has it's casing on, which includes the heatplate. This current setup is not exactly the most desirable one with heat transfer in mind. Even though metals are good conductors of heat (silver, copper, aluminum especially) the interfaces are not nearly as good. These interfaces are the weak link in the chain, and are the bottlenecks for heat transfer. Removal of the heatplate and then the mating of the HSF directly to the core with a THIN layer of thermal paste would yield the best results. With that in mind let us take a look at the coolers.

    The Coolers


    The FLK32 is designed for use with SECC slot CPUs. What the heck are those? Well, they are simply the cartridges encasing all the Athlons out there as well as the first batches of Pentium 2s. It is also sometimes referred to as SECC 1. So if you find yourself with a bare celeron, you are out of luck, cuz there is no mounting provided, you would have to drill your own holes. The FLK 32 is nice and compact, with a high density of fins. It came from the Card Cooler with one 60mm fan offset to the side, this is a good thing for you K7M owners out there, as it misses that pesky ATX powerplug. Unlike the VOS32, this puppy slid right in, without me having to move anything around.

    FLK32 Specs
    Heatsink LxWxH 120x59x30mm
    Fan 60mmx25mm Ball Bearing
    Amps .18
    Watts 2.16
    Volts 12
    CFM 25
    Total Height including fan 60mm


    The VOS32 is what I would call HONKING BIG!!! You'll see what I am talking about when you get to the pics. This heatsink actually extends over the top of the SECC, giving it more area for cooling. This is such a simple idea I don't know why it was never thought of before. To give you some history on the VOS32, it is thought of as the cheap equivalent of the Alpha, though not quite performing equal or above the Alpha in all reviews I have seen, it comes so close you might as well bracket them together as far as cooling performance goes. The only real downfall of the VOS32 is it's bloody size, I had trouble fitting it on my Gigabyte 7IX, it would probably not fit at on the K7M at all, the SD-11 should be fine as well as the batch of newer KX133 based mobo's (Epox 7KXA, Gigabyte GA-7VM, Abit KA7, AOpen AK72, ASUS K7V) which most of you probably own. Our VOS32 came with 2 60mm fans, doubling the amount of air pushed onto the heatsink from the FLK32. There is a whole lot I can talk about dealing with HSFs, the cooling theories, why some work, why some don't, so if you're interested in knowing more, don't hesitate to post your questions on our BBS. Another nice thing about the VOS32 is that you can mount it to just about anything, PIIIs, pIIs, and Athies.

    VOS32 Specs
    Heatsink LxWxH 118x76x40mm
    Fan 60mmx25mm ball bearing
    Amps .13 each
    Watts 2.16 each
    Volts 12
    CFM 26 each
    Dba (noise level) 36
    Total Height including fan 50mm

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    Author: Sergio Santos
    Company: The Card Cooler
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