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    Linksys 10MB Home Phoneline Networking Kit
    April 2000

    All of the newest and greatest technologies of our era are important to the daily functions of most people. Email, computers, word processing, cell phones, etc are now indispensable parts of our everyday lives and most of us cannot function without them. But there is something missing in the picture, something most of take for granted… networking. All of this IT people in the department below you are fretting day after day trying to keep networks in the office online while most of us don't give it a second thought. Networking isn't easy; networking is very frustrating and hard to set up, especially with large corporate mainframes. There are classes in high school and college that teach the basics of networking and the intricacies of it all. With networks growing and becoming more complicated, we hesitate to even think about and actually doing it in our homes.

    That brings us to today's review of the Linksys 10M Phone line Networking system. In today's homes you will see many different types of networking including Ethernet, Wireless, Power, Phone and USB networks. In the past 2 years, so many different kinds of networks emerged, it might be hard or impossible to decide which one is best suited to serve your file sharing needs. As with every kind of emerging technology, there are bugs, there are pitfalls, and there are issues that come up during use. Such technologies as wireless and phoneline networking has provoked a lot of media coverage because of their quick, easy, and somewhat reliable use. Today we look at a phoneline networking kit from our good friends at Linksys.

    Most of the readers of SystemLogic has computers at home and most of those people also have more than one computer and at one time or another those people wanted to share files and printers with each other and also use the same internet connection, the only way to achieve this is by networking the two or more computers so they can share a common link to each other. The common options these people have are Ethernet, phoneline, or wireless.

    Ethernet: A high-speed network protocol that uses Category 5 Ethernet cabling to connect two or more computers via a network hub, switch or a pass through cable. Although it is the fastest solution for home networking, it involves a lot of wiring inside the house especially if the computers are located in different rooms or floors. This can be costly and may require remodeling or hiring a specialist to wire for you.

    Power: A network protocol that transfers data through the home's power lines. To connect two computers together, a wall socket must be open near the computers (not a problem unless you're using a battery powered computer). Although speed is slow ~1Mbps, the convenience of power line networking maybe appeal to some people. Never a good without a bad: surges in the power lines of your house can cause network disruptions. When a washing machine turns on, your network might crash =).

    Phone: Networking two or more computers through the phone line inside of the house. This is a viable option for most people because they have wall jacks in most rooms they have computer in. Phonelines have traditionally been used for communication so networking through it should not be much of a problem. The speed currently has a max of 10Mbps and isn't bad but it isn't impressive. In my experience with phone networking, I haven't had one problem with any of the kits I've used.

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    Author: Chris Oh
    Company: Linksys
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