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    Creative Labs Nomad II Portable MP3 Player Review
    July 2000

    If you had to ask me what one of the biggest breakthroughs in computer technology was, MP3's would be somewhere on the top of my list. There has been such an impact on the entire world with MP3's causing companies to come up with things like portable MP3 players, watches that play MP3's (Casio has this available now), etc. We look all around and the biggest controversies are about MP3's, look how much of an affect Napster had.

    So do you think that MP3's will really take over CDs? That may be a big leap, but when faster internet connections get even more widespread that is something to think about. Maybe not now, but it's not impossible. Let me tell you, portable MP3 players definitely help in the thought that MP3's may one day take over.

    So today we take a look at one of Creative's latest MP3 players, the Nomad II. A second-generation MP3 player from one of the most feature-packed portable MP3 players out there. With many things now taken into consideration for the Nomad II, Creative has come out with what looks like one the best portable MP3 players you can buy.

    We'll talk about these features and more in the review, let's start out with the specs.


    Interface USB or Optional docking station
    FM Tuner Built-in with 32 preset stations
    LCD Display Large Backlit Display 132x64 pixel
    Voice Recording G721 ADPCM encoding at 32 Kbps; up to 4 hours recording on 64 MB SmartMedia
    Audio Codec Support MP3; Reprogrammable for future formats
    Colors Available Silver, Metallic Blue & Pearl
    Signal to Noise Ratio >90 dB
    Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    Maximum Output 5 - 7 mW
    Standard Playback Usage 8 - 10 hours for MP3/voice playback
    Size W x H x D (mm) 65 x 93 x 21
    Memory 1 SmartMedia slot for optional 32 MB or 64 MB removable memory
    Harmonic Distortion Output 0.05% @ 1kHz with 32 ohm load
    Battery Usage 1 x AA alkaline
    Weight 88g w/o batteries

    Minimum System Requirements

    • Microsoft® Windows® 98 or Windows® 2000
    • 200MHz or higher Pentium® (Pentium II recommended for MP3 encoding)
    • SVGA graphics adapter (256 colors, 640x480)
    • Internet Connection for Internet content downloading or CDDB support (any charges incurred are the responsibility of the end user)
    • 32MB RAM (64MB recommended)
    • USB port
    • 5MB free hard disk space (more for music content storage)
    • Sound Blaster® Live! for Environmental Effects (MP3 encoding)
    • Installed Mouse
    • CD-ROM drive with digital audio extraction support

    Minimum System Requirements for MAC®

    • Mac OS version 8.6 or higher
    • iMac™, G3 or higher
    • Internet connection for Internet content downloading or CDDB support (any charges incurred are the responsibility of the end user)
    • 32MB RAM (64MB recommended)
    • USB port
    • USB Manager version 1.2 or higher
    • 12MB free HD space (more for audio content storage)
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    Author: David Pitlyuk
    Company: Creative Labs
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