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    Neon Lites Review
    June 2000

    Put it on your car at night and drive around without headlights to scare people, use it to enhance your Halloween costume, put it in your car at night to impress your friends, or just put it in your case to make it look cooler.

    Check out the mousepad, courtesy of the boys from HardOCP

    When I received the package, I noticed that it's very simple to understand how it works. Althought I would have liked to see this some with a computer power supply adapter, there wasn't any but there are instructions on how to make one yourself on their website. A battery clip connected to an inverter and from there, it's connected to the actual wires, the current goes from the battery (9 volt) to the wires easily. Looking at the inverter, it's a great homemade one that's both durable and light, not something that'll break down on you. The plastic wires are just like normal wires you'd see in craft shops. The actual wires are plastic with metal running on them to channel the current. All of this is encased in tape but be careful because you could still be shocked. It's always advisable to not touch the wires when the power is on but I never had a problem and was never shocked. It's also advisable not to whip someone with these (especially the rounded wires) because they hurt! There are so many uses for these that I can't stop thinking of them. Some of them are safety uses but the fun uses far outnumber them and all you have to be is creative.

    You might be thinking how long the brightness will last on the strips and you don't have to worry at 60hz, the stuff will last you years without losing it's brightness. Also for you computer nuts, you can adapt the neon lite to work with your computer power supply so that's cool. The webpage for you guys is on the top and you can visit to see more pictures and actually purchase it. There are various colors (aqua, violet, orange, and lime) and either flat wire or rounded wire, I would personally choose the flat wire because it just looks brighter and it's easier to tape to the insides of your case.

    From my experience with Neon Lites, I'd give this 2 thumbs up but some of you might not be into cool stuff like I am. For you mature types who don't have fun, this isn't for you. For everyone else that wants cool stuff, you should give their website a visit.

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    Author: Chris Oh
    Company: Neon Lites
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