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    Terratec Promedia m3po Hi-Fi MP3 CD Player Review
    February 22nd, 2001
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    MP3 technology has been ever-evolving, and has moved into nearly everyone's lives. There is an abundance of MP3 devices like portable MP3 players, portable MP3 CD players, etc, etc. It seems like every time you visit Best Buy, there's a few more out there.

    We have even seen MP3 players move into all sorts of applications, including the automobile, but today we will see MP3's delve into the high-fidelity home theater.

    The product we're going to look at is the Terratec m3po MP3 CD player. What is meant by an MP3 CD player is that you can either have the choice to burn actual MP3 files onto a CD and play them from the player or have the MP3's on a hard drive and play them from the player like that. Don't quite understand, or want to hear more? Don't worry, I'll be going more in depth later on in the review.

    So, you've never heard of Terratec have you? Terratec is a company based out of Germany. They make a plethora of multimedia-related products including, sound cards, web cams, and more. You can check them out on the web at


    Technical specifications

    • Playback of MP3 files direct from CD
    • Playback of conventional audio CDs
    • Playlist support in the widely-used M3U format
    • Additional installation space for a conventional 3.5 inch AT-bus hard disk
    • Supports ISO9660/Joliet and FAT16/32 file systems on CD and harddrive
    • MP3 data over interpret, album and title (ID TAGS) are read and directly shown in the display
    • All MPEG audio bit rates, scan rates and variable bit rate streams (8-48 kHz, 8-320 kbps) are supported
    • Clear and practically-oriented infrared remote control
    • Variable playback speed possible without affecting pitch
    • Quick access to titles using the shuttle
    • Title list saved in the internal RAM
    • Special playback modes for a variety of uses
    • Later update of the operating system is possible through CD-ROM
    • 32-bit RISC processor for controls
    • High-quality hardware MPEG decoder


    • Line Out (Cinch)
    • Separately adjustable headphone output (6.5 mm jack)

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    Find the lowest price of this product Discuss this article
    Open a printer-friendly version of this article Write and/or read user review/s of this product
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    2. In The Box
    3. The Player
    4. Menu Features
    5. Pros & Cons/Conclusion
    Article Info
    Author: David Pitlyuk
    Company: Terratec Promedia
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