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    AMD Duron Review Part 1
    July 2000

    Last week was the week where all of the AMD representatives went abroad with boxes of OEM Microstar 6340 motherboards for their dealers so they can finally try the Duron chip out for themselves. They were sort of like Santa Clauses for a Christmas in July.

    I was hoping for the AMD Tecate motherboard myself, but as an AMD technician told me in an email responding to me begging for one of these Irongate based Socket A boards, "Any Tecate boards were sent to large OEMs so they can tool up for their newest Socket A efforts." Aww crap! Guess I'll just have to wait. And wait I did and was presented with a virgin white MSI box on Friday.

    This comes almost one month after AMD had Durons available to us, but no motherboards to put them on. I figured it could make a nice paperweight, wall decoration… I got a kick out of telling people, "Yeah, I've got a Duron 650". People would then ask me, "How does it run?" and I'd say, "It sucks! It just sits there and does nothing! The benchmarks are REAL low!"

    I ripped the box open the minute it was handed to me. My boss and the AMD representative left the room and I didn't even know it because I was so entranced by my new project. I even think the phone might of rung, but to me at that time it sounded more like a muffled gurgle than a ring.

    I gently placed the motherboard on my test bench and installed my pet ATI Rage Fury 32MB video card, 128 MB Micron CAS-2 PC100 and the Western Digital 8.4 GB where I keep all of my benchmark programs, some "normal use" type programs and a copy of Unreal Tournament.

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    Author: JonnyGURU
    Company: AMD
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