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    AMD Duron Review Part 2
    July 2000

    Ah my crazy life, with my crazy Duron. It's only a 650. It's only a $115 CPU. But we have gone through so much together.

    After writing the article on the Duron, I received several emails from people that had the same problem with the PCI slots on the MSI 6340 that I had. It seems that a simple BIOS update, despite Microstar not making mention of the problem, takes care of things. Good news, but it sort of makes me wonder about Quality Control. How many boards did they ship and they not once tested the PCI slots?

    So now what? First, my boss wanted me to see how much cooling is adequate for a non-overclocked Duron 650 because he wanted to use as much current inventory as possible to bundle with the Duron processors and currently, all we have in stock are Aavid fans. I was happy to oblige. We switched the Foxconn fan that AMD gave us for a typical Aavid Socket 7/370 fan and put the MSI 6340 in a mid tower case and sealed it up. One of the guys decided to push the issue a tad and put packing tape over all of the vent holes and removed any case fans leaving only the power supply as a means of exhausting heat.

    Our goal? Minimal airflow. He he he…

    The next day the machine was still running BCM diagnostics. The fan was pretty warm, but the CPU temperature never exceeded 65 degrees C. But how boring. 650 MHz? Not overclocked at all? That's so pathetic. Even my print server is overclocked. My answering machine is overclocked. Hell, my CAR is overclocked. It's time to bust a move. I took the tape off of the machine and we took it all apart.

    Whoa! Hot fan coming through!

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    Author: JonnyGURU
    Company: AMD
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