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    Dazzle Multimedia Digtal Video Creator Review
    April 2000

    I've been into digital video for a couple years now and have never used a capture system that has worked perfectly. While this has yet to be true, I've come pretty close with the Dazzle Digital Video Creator. In fact, this is the best capture system I've ever had a chance to use, but we'll explain the ups and downs later on in the review.

    What exactly does a video capture system do? Specifically with the Dazzle Digital Video Creator, this hardware product allows the user to easily connect (Especially with the USB version) the device to their computer and start capturing audio and video from outside source such as a VCR or a camcorder. Audio can be taken from anywhere like a stereo system, or just the audio from the TV or movie played from a VCR/TV. Basically anything that outputs audio or video and has outputs or can connect to something that has outputs can be captured into a still frame (Photograph) or a movie on the computer.

    Why would you want to capture a still frame or movie onto your computer? There are tons of reasons, most depend on what kind of person you are. If you are just a regular consumer, most likely you'd be interested in a capture system to create an archive of videos or make a family video with some pretty neat editing effects in a very simple way. For the same sort of thing, you may want to capture a still frame for one of many reasons. A good one being this, say you have a video of your family and there is one frame in the clip that you think would make a great picture. With a video capture system, you can cut out that one clip, convert it into a picture, and either print it out or edit the photo in one of the many photo editors out there. In fact, the Dazzle DVC comes with Ulead Photo Express for this exact thing.

    In a more professional aspect you may need this system for something that maybe we would use it for. Say you want to make a computer training video but need to put the editing together or put the video on a CD, this is easily attainable with the DVCs. Or if you'd like to make a video to put on a website, this can be done through compression or something called Real Video. Dazzle DVC also bundles Real Jukebox that allows you to compress the video and play it on the web through streaming technology. Streaming technology allows you to have a person watch a video on the web with virtually no wait. This is done by allowing the video to start downloading and buffering the beginning. This way you can start watching the clip, and while you are watching the rest of the clip is being downloaded. In the end, your watching should never catch up with the downloading, allowing you to see the clip in its entirety without the wait. Another example would be used for a video gaming website. How do you get clips of video games from something like a Dreamcast to the computer so people can see? This can all be done through a capture card.

    I think you get the point now, so let's take a look at the Dazzle Digital Video Creator and find out if it's the right solution for you.

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    Author: David Pitlyuk
    Company: Dazzle
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