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    3dfx VoodooTV 200 Review
    October 13th, 2000

    Someone in our forums said something along the lines of "TV Tuners for the PC have been out there for years, what's the big deal with the VoodooTV?". That's a question that I think most of you will be asking at this very point and that's the question that I want to address today and hopefully that's the question that I want to answer for you guys when you complete reading this article. I have had experience with numerous TV tuner cards from the original WinTV, Mac TV Tuners, Voodoo3 3500TV TV Tuners, and now this one. The idea of having a TV window on your PC is nothing extraordinary. According to studies, 30 million people simultaneously watch TV while surfing on the Internet, now that's some heavy duty multitasking =). I remember some good times when I was watching Millionaire and chatting on IRC making fun of Regis's new tie. The great thing is that TV and the Internet go hand in hand as our main port of communication and information and that together, they fit like jam and jelly. The Internet is a gateway to connect millions of people and TV is a way to send a message to them all at once. So when you combine the two, you have something in the field of Interactive media where you can voice your opinions on whatever issues you see on TV, such as the debates or the World Series.

    Back to the question at hand, what is the big deal about the VoodooTV… to start off I think Dave said it best: "Until now 3dfx has dealt with solely graphic cards for gamers. Now 3dfx is boasting the fact that they are an entertainment company rather than a graphics company." The VoodooTV is the first move to an entertainment industry made by a video giant that has up until now targeting only the gamers market. This is partly true if we disregard ATi. Maybe my first argument wasn't that impressive but I'd like to also add that this is a major move in utilizing the usefulness of the acquired STB. If you remember, STB has done many multimedia products such as the STB TV, which proved to be successful but hardly marketed. The VoodooTV is not only for the group of people who believe that 3dfx is everything it should be in their systems, the VoodooTV is for all of the 30 million people who do it already and for even more when they realize how useful and enjoyable a window of TV on your desktop can be. With that in mind, 3dfx will be launching ad campaigns and promoting this product so they can get a bigger base of potential customers. The great thing about this is that everyone who has a computer is a potential customer. I have many friends who also used to own a Voodoo3 3500TV and upgraded with the times but missed the TV tuner and wanted a solution with the name 3dfx emblazoned on it… ahem…Justin… this is for you! So this is a smart business move and it's also a smart TV tuner. As you read below, you will understand how this card sets itself apart from the rest.

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    Author: Chris Oh
    Company: 3dfx
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