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    Absolute Multimedia Outrageous 3D GeForce 256 DDR Review
    June 2000

    As games push the limits of reality to the highest points, you need a card that can handle that much raw need for power. When I think of power, the GeForce series comes to mind quickly because of their speeds. The GeForce DDR, although not the fastest card right now, still dominates most desktop computers and gives any game a good run for it's money. Of course by now, you have probably read half a dozen GeForce DDR reviews so I'll skip the technical details on how it works and get right down to the skinny. GeForce boards are very expensive right now, even after the release of their successor. If you walk into a store right now, you will see them going for $250-300. Absolute Multimedia designed their Outrageous 3D GeForce DDR card to contend with the best of the competitors while maintaining a price significantly less than them. That was the whole idea behind this card. To provide a low cost solution to achieve the best performance out of games possible. It's also worth mentioning that this card is not a stripped down board in any way. With a full 32MB of 300MHz clocked DDR SGRAM, PAL/NTSC S-Video out, 350 MHz RAMDAC, and of course, the GeForce chipset… this card gives you more than what you paid for. But lets dig a little deeper for what sets this card apart from others.


    The GeForce is Nvidia's first performance chip that uses a GPU, a Graphics Processing Unit. The GPU is very important to a GeForce because it offloads a lot of processes usually done on CPU's to the GeForce chip itself, making transform and lighting (T&L), triangle, and rendering engine all done in the GPU unit that can process 10 million polygons per second. Transform and Lighting helps make processing many polygons faster and more efficient using the GPU, making far more detailed images. Although T&L isn't available in most games today, expect a lot more soon. When you say the name GeForce 256, some might think that it's a 256-bit chipset but it isn't. The 256 means it has quad rendering pipelines at 64mb each (64 x 4 = 256). Like other cards today, the memory bus is still at 128-bits. This makes GeForce cards have a memory bottleneck.


    Absolute Multimedia is a fairly new company in the graphics industry with their first product being a TNT2 card. The company's line of hardware includes of course, the GeForce and GeForce DDR cards, TNT2 cards, and sound cards. All of these are low cost solutions to higher end products and aimed towards the gamer that wants good performance but doesn't want to give up a chunk of his bank account getting it. Back to the card. The Outrageous 3D is a standard DDR card in most ways, clocked at a spec 120 core, 300 memory. The design of the board is essentially a reference board but with a few modifications we'll get to in another section. The SGRAM is from Infineon, currently the only major player in the DDR RAM market (Micron and Samsung are coming along soon).

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    Article Info
    Author: Chris Oh
    Company: Absolute Multimedia
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