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    VisionTek GeForce 2 MX Review
    September 12th, 2000

    The value card segment of the computer industry warmly accepted Nvidia's newest offering, the GeForce2 MX chipset. This chipset is aimed strictly for the value segment of the market, yet as you will see later on in this review that it's performance isn't exactly 'value oriented'.

    What's So Different?

    Basically it's a castrated GeForce2 GTS core, with half the number of texturing pipelines and tooled to use SDR ram instead of DDR ram which is used in it's big brother the GeForce2 GTS. The clock rate of the core is also decreased from 200mhz to 175mhz, which in combination with the halving of the number of pipelines further decreases the heat put off by this chip as well as increasing the temperature at which this core can safely function. Hence the card does not need a heatsink at all, let alone a fan.

    The memory is clocked at 166mhz , the same as the memory on the GTS, except that the GTS is DDR for an effective memory mhz of 333. While gazing over the card I noticed that the memory is actually 7ns which is 143mhz memory, not 166. Matthew over at AnandTech also noticed this with the card he reviewed. I would guess it is safe to assume that a bunch of the VisionTek MX cards running around out there have 7ns memory as well, if not all. While it is not much of a stretch to get this 143mhz memory up to 166mhz it is quite a stretch to get it much further. Hence limiting the overclocking potential of this card. Here's a pic of one of the memory chips, as you see the -TC70 indicates 7ns:

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    Author: Sergio Santos
    Company: Visiontek
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