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    Building a Shuttle Gaming XPC
    Author: Daniel Topler
    Date Posted: August 30th, 2004
    Bottom Line: When Shuttle announced an XPC with an AGP slot, gamers could finally use this machine and loved the systems because they offered equal performance as their desktop counterparts, yet were stylish, light, and easy to build. SLCentral set out to build one spending under $1000, read on to find out more....

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    Just a few years back, if a gamer wanted to build a computer system, there would be no question about the form-factor of the machine - desktop. At this point in time, XPC’s didn’t exist, and virtually all laptops lacked the power to play the latest games, which, of course, is a must for any gamer.

    Of course, a desktop is not a bad choice. Even today, most people own a desktop. But, if you have ever taken a desktop to a LAN party, you know what a struggle it can be. Lugging a 50+ pound system around is not fun.

    Shuttle revolutionized the computing world by releasing the first “XPC.” The XPC was essentially an entire desktop, inside a box that was approximately one-third the size of an average ATX case. While the XPC was nice, gaming performance just wasn’t up to par, due to the lack of an AGP slot, which prevented the upgrade of the integrated graphics. Therefore, this model, and many XPC's to come, were unusable by gamers, and the XPC’s sold mainly to people who would just browse the Internet and use word processing software.

    This all changed when Shuttle announced an XPC with an AGP slot, meaning gamers could finally adapt to this new form factor. Sales of the little machine skyrocketed. Gamers loved the systems because they offered equal performance as their desktop counterparts, yet were stylish, light, and easy to build.

    But, this article is not a history lesson on the XPC; instead, it is a guide on building your own gaming XPC, but spending under $1000. We’ve spent hours researching the best parts for a powerful rig, and we’ve put it all together! We then installed Windows, and applied some of our favorite Windows XP tweaks to the system to make it run even faster.

    So what XPC should you buy for under $1000? Read on!

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    1. Introduction
    2. Choosing The Parts
    3. Other Accessories
    4. Buying Everything
    5. Putting It Together
    6. Installing Drivers
    7. Windows Tweaks
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