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    Thermaltake W0021 Purepower Butterfly 480W PSU
    Author: JonnyGuru
    Date Posted:20/03/2005 13:19.25
    SLRating: SLRating: 6.5/10
    Bottom Line: The Thermaltake W0021 Purepower 480W Butterfly looked promising with its lights, the window and the multicolored cables until it blew up.....

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    Results and Conclusions

    Analysis of Results:

    The long and the short of it... The power supply blew up on the bench.  There was no real rhyme or reason to the demise.  The power supply even passed test one with the 20A.  My best guess is that the overload protection completely failed thus allowing me to continue to load up the rails until eventually there was a pop and a ping and the unit shut down.  Unfortunately, I so much did not expect this to happen, I didn't get a chance to do a zero load test or take pictures of the power supply with it's lights running.

    I found out what blew up when this voltage regulator fell out of the power supply.

    For appearances, I really liked the Butterfly.  With all of the lights, the window and the multicolored cables.. This was going to be a great power supply for my daughter's build (until it blew up, of course.)   As for features:  certainly I would have liked the power supply more if it had active PFC, but it's not like that's not an option... because it is!  :)

    The performance concerns me.  Not because it blew up, but because it only brags 17A on the 12V rail.  That's just not enough if I'm paying for a 480W power supply.  Move that 3.3V and 5V down a little and give me some 12V!

    I can't really give the power supply an "honest rating" since it ended up failing almost every test due to the explosion, but it wasn't doing well to start with simply because of the 17A 12V rail.  It's being graded on a curve, but not much of one.

    It's average overall score is a 6.5.

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