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    Thermaltake Xaser Series Full tower ATX Cases Review
    Author: Alan Wong
    Date Posted: May 23, 2004
    Xaser V WinGo V8000A - SLRating: SLRating: 8.5/10
    Xaser V Damier V5000A - SLRating: SLRating: 8/10
    Bottom Line: Thermaltake Technology recently released their new line of Xaser Series Full tower ATX Cases. SLCentral evaluated the external and internal structure of the Xaser V WinGo and Damier cases, we found both good things and bad things about the Xaser V read on to find out more........

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    After evaluating the external and internal structure of the Xaser V WinGo and Damier cases, we found both good things and bad things about the Xaser V. One good thing about the cases was that the cases looked really cool with the LED fans and front panel lights turned on. The other plus side (applicable only to the aluminum versions of the Xaser V) was that the aluminum chassis very light (weighing only 15lbs).

    The downsides were that the case provided mediocre-poor cooling inside the case. I found it quite pointless to replace the traditional use of two 80mm at the rear of the case with one 90mm fan; it is most likely the main cause to the lack of cooling. Also, the steel chassis version of the Xaser V was extremely heavy, weighing 35.27lbs without any components installed. With components installed, one might find it impossible to carry it for more than 15 seconds.

    The new line of Xaser V is remarkably cool looking however, there are some downsides to it. Due to their lack of efficient cooling (not taking into account the fact that the steel versions of the Xaser V are extremely heavy), both cases could not get a score of anything higher than a 8.5. Due in part to its slick looks, the lightness of the case, the Xaser V WinGo Aluminum V8000A receives a rating of 8.5/10, while due to its heavy weight (despite the fact that the case looks slick), the Xaser V Damier V5000A receives a rating of 8.0/10.


    Xaser V WinGo V8000A


    • Lightweight (only 15lbs)
    • Looks slick


    • Mediocre cooling at best

    SLRating: 8.5/10


    Xaser V Damier V5000A


    • Looks slick


    • Heavy (35lbs w/o components installed)
    • Mediocre Cooling at best

    SLRating: 8/10

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    1. Introduction
    2. Specifications
    3. Front Panel Door
    4. Rear of Case/USB
    5. Internal Structure
    6. Conclusion

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